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Cheap International Calls without needing Calling Cards Anymore

What is so special about?
No Registration No Pre-Payment No credit cards No extra costs VAT included
Are there any subscription or registration fees?
No! is directly accessible from all landlines and mobiles. You can make cheap international calls at any time without needing calling card or inconvenient voip phone services
How can I find your rates and access numbers?
We offer most of the countries around the Globe; please have a look at our cheapest calls pricing list
Can I use from my mobile?
Yes. But please check the rate for 08- and 09-numbers with your mobile operator.
Mobile operators may surcharge our access numbers. Unfortunately we have no influence on what they may surcharge, nor do we receive any extra revenue from such overcharge.
Yet, depending on your calling plan, certain access numbers can be truly useful for you to make cheap or even free international calls from your mobile:
  • Do you have a monthly plan with T-Mobile or Three? Congratulations, you will enjoy a wider range of international destinations for only 10p per minute via the access number

    0871 280 0010

    . Click on 10p international calls from Three and T-Mobile for further information.
Can I use from a payphone?
Yes. But be aware that when calling from payphones our rates may be surcharged by the payphone operators. BT payphones charge in this way: 0844 number is £0.14 per minute with a £0.10 connection charge 0871 number is £0.50 per minute with a £0.10 connection charge If you would like any further information please call BT Payphone Customer Service 0800 661 610
Is it available from any landline network?
Yes. Our access numbers should be available from all lines. Please contact your telecom provider in case you cannot reach our platform after dialling our access numbers.
What can I do when my telephone provider blocks your access numbers?
In this is case, we advice you to bypass its network by dialling 1280 in front of our access number. e.g. dial 1280 0844 xyx xy xy in one go. In this way your call will be automatically routed to BT's network and you will gain access to our low-cost service.
Which access number should I dial when calling to a UK mobile abroad?
Making cheap calls to UK mobiles is as easy as just dialling the access number associated to UK (mobile) ! It does not matter in which country the mobile is "temporally" located, the UK (mobile) rate and access number will not change. Just make sure that you do not forget the country code (0044) and that you leave out the leading zero '0' of the mobile number: e.g. 0044 7xy xyx xyx
Does/Can my provider or supplier surcharge your rates?
The rates to our access numbers are regulated by Ofcom, the UK telecommunications regulator. It is common practice for all landline service providers to adhere to the charges set by Ofcom, whereas mobile operators do not. When calling from a landline your call will be charged just at our rate. When calling from a mobile we advice you to get in touch with your mobile operator to check for the rate applied to our access numbers. Be aware that it may be heavily surcharged. Thus, for making cheap international calls from your mobile we only recomend certain low-cost access numbers.
How do I know the rates and access numbers for the country I want to call?
Go to the homepage and enter the country you wish to call in the scroll-down menu. Rates and access numbers will be displayed automatically.
How do I know about the latest rates and destination updates?
Call rates are announced before each connection, this way you are always in control of your costs. Furthermore, you can subscribe to our free newsletter to get up to date information about our special offers.
Will I receive an invoice from?
You will not receive a bill from. You will find your calls via on your regular phone bill. There are no additional costs, no extra bills and VAT is already included.
How much exactly do I pay ?
Your calls are billed per minutes, with call duration rounded up to the next minute. When calling from a landline your call will be charged just at our rate. So you will only pay:
Call set-up + Number of minutes x rate/minute
BT applies a call set-up of 3p and NTL 6p. Telewest applies 6p for 08-numbers and 10p for 09-numbers. For more information please contact your telecom provider. When calling from a mobile we advise you to get in touch with your mobile operator. Unfortunately we have no influence on what they may surcharge you for calling our access numbers, nor do we receive any extra revenue from it. Yet, depending on your calling plan, certain access numbers can be truly useful for you to make cheap or even free international calls from your mobile using your inclusive minutes.
Do I pay when my call is unanswered or the line is engaged?
The billing of your calls via is done by your telephone provider, so they will appear on your regular phone bill. Unfortunately, their billing system start counting once you hear the tariff announcement, even if the call is unanswered or the line is engaged. Regrettably we cannot influence such billing policy.
How can offer such low rates?
We do our utmost to streamline our costs and pass the savings on to our customers. We strive to offer you the cheapest international calls available available in the market.
Does charge the called party, too?
No, does never charge the called party.
I cannot access's platform, what can I do ?
Do you get a "fast-busy" tone after dialling our access numbers? Then, we advise you to contact your telecom provider to check whether they block our access numbers. In case not, please fill out our fault report.
My call was connected to a wrong destination (wrong country)
It is possible that you have forgotten the international prefix.
Why doesn't recognise my entries?
Make sure that you call from a telephone with tone-dial. Double-check that the dialling option on your telephone is configured as tone-dial. Consult the instruction manual of your telephone if you need assistance.
What is tone-dial?
There are two ways to call: via pulses or tone-dial (technically called Dual Tone Multi-Frequency). Servers only understand tone-dial. If you press a key on your phone pad you should hear a peep-tone.
Why does it take long time until my call is connected?
Due to the high demand for our special cheap international calls at peak-times, the routing of the call may take some time until you get connected, particularly for mobile destinations. We advice you to hang-up and try again later if after a short period your call is not connected. We are doing our utmost to expand our capacity by routing certain destinations towards alternative interconnection partners. However, if you notice that the problem persists over a longer period, please fill out our fault report.
Why the quality of the sound is sometimes not that good?
It is possible that in certain countries, particularly for mobile destinations, the quality of the sound may suffer. In many occasions these problems are usually due to a weak infrastructure or lack of mobile coverage in the destination. Unfortunately we cannot influence these circumstances.
How can I inform about a fault?
First, make sure that you have dialled the correct number and you did not forget the country code. Furthermore, make sure that your telecom provider does not block our numbers. If you still want to report a technical problem with , please fill out our fault report Thank you for your feedback. It will help us to improve our service!
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