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Cheap Calls Abroad & International Calling Cards

Looking for cheap calls abroad ? Thanks to low-cost phone provider, , you can call landlines and mobiles, home and abroad at very low rates without paying for tricky prepaid phone cards. Our rates are transparent and they are announced before each connection.
Hence, your costs are always under control. Saving money on long distance calls using international calling cards is not always that easy. There use to be hidden fees and other outrageous charges. So, instead of using costly international phone cards, you can actually make substantial savings on your phone bill quite easy with . It is accessible from all landlines and mobiles. No pre-payment or registration is required.

How it works

It is very simple. Just follow two simple steps to start enjoying cheap overseas calls with .
  1. Dial the access number associated with the destination you wish to call. Click on cheapest calls pricing list or scroll down the menu located above on the left column to find our access numbers.
  2. After the tariff announcement, enter the number you wish to call. Make sure that you do not forget the country code even for calls to mobiles or landlines within the UK.
When calling to landlines or mobiles within the UK, make sure you leave out the leading zero '0' of the area code or mobile number: e.g. for dialling a UK mobile 0044 7xy xyx xyx
To get a list of our rates and access numbers per each country, please click on international dialling codes.
Example: cheap call to USA
USA: 0844 721 4 721 (access number) - Please wait for the voice prompt - then enter 001(the country code) + 404.254.2738 (the telephone number)
Abroadtel - UK's cheapest solution for calls abroad Appellemonde - économisez dès la 1ère seconde! Austriaphone - Richtig günstig ins Ausland telefonieren!